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Building Process

Step One.  We listen and learn about your lifestyle


This is crucial and one of the most important meetings we have.  By better understanding the function of the home and custom finishes you desire will make your personalized home fit like a glove. 


Step Two.  Cost Estimate


After we visit and discuss the amenities, size requirements, deed restrictions, and location of your custom home, we will provide a cost estimate.  Because we use updated and precise cost estimating software, we are able to give fixed prices and not unpredictable “cost plus” estimates like many of our competitors.



Step Three.  Start the plans

1.      Choose an In-House Plan. Find something you love in our portfolio? Great! Our plans have been finely tuned to foster an efficient build for an unbeatable value. If however, you don’t find a plan that’s exactly right for you, we can move on to the second path.

2.      Choose a Semi-Custom Plan. With one of our plans as a starting point, our architects and plan designers can make modifications and customize a plan to your tastes. While creating some additional expense, this option still leverages many of the high-value benefits of choosing an in-house plan. It’s also the path the majority of our clients choose and one where we’re confident in delivering the home of your dreams in a surprisingly cost-effective way. 

3.      Choose a Custom Plan. You can work with one of our architects or plan designers to develop a plan that is uniquely yours. This path ensures you a one-of-a-kind home that is truly unique and personalized to your exact needs. Of course, there are some costs considerations when choosing this path. Architectural fees, though generally a small percentage of the overall project, can add an increase when compared to the first two paths.



Step Four.  Make the selections and finishes


Meet with one of our recognized designers or consultants to help assist in the selections of floor coverings, wall colors, and various finishes that suit your vision.  We have found that by investing the time up front in making your selections that it reduces many issues that may slow down the process later.


Step Five.  Start the home

Now the real fun begins.  You have tailored your dream home by now and have contracted with Hallmark Builders to orchestrate the construction plans and finishes.


Whether or not you want to be involved with the step by step process of building your home, our diligent scheduling sequence will make for a smooth process.  While there are literally thousands of items that make up your home, here are list of some of the core construction stages.


• Homesite Preparation
• Foundation
• Frame
• Cornice
• Mechanicals and Insulation

• Drywall Installation
• Finish Carpentry
• Paint and Flooring
• Mechanical Trim
• Grading and Landscaping


Step Six.  Move in day


By now we have finished a thorough touch up list to make the home move in ready and have passed a rigorous third party inspection to confirm the home meets all codes and community covenants and restrictions. 


We will provide a detailed home introductory so that you are familiar with your home and any technologies you have selected for the home.


It is time to enjoy your masterpiece!

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